Arc Review: Incognito


Title: Incognito

Author: Siobhan Davis

Genre: Contemporary Romance; New Adult

Publication Date: June 30, 2019

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Rating: ★★★★★

#AD - This book was gifted to me

Synopsis: A troubled popstar forced into hiding… A sweet small-town girl overcoming tragedy… And the kind of love that only happens once in a lifetime.
Dakota’s dreams of attending Julliard were shattered the night tragedy struck her family. It’s one year later, and she’s now enrolled at a local university trying to piece her life back together.
Shawn is one of the world’s most famous faces, having lived under a spotlight since his star exploded when he was fourteen. Now jaded by an industry forcing him to perform music he no longer enjoys, he craves normalcy and the opportunity to rediscover his muse. When a crazy stalker gets too close, and death threats start mounting, Shawn’s management team comes up with a plan—one which will allow him to work on his latest album while staying incognito on a college campus.
Romance is the last thing on Dakota’s mind, but after she crosses paths with a hot, prickly cutie with rock-hard abs and smoldering good looks, she can’t shake him from her thoughts. Shawn can’t afford to bring any girl into his fucked-up life, but the gorgeous blonde with the sad blue eyes captivates him in a way no girl ever has, and he finds himself falling hard and fast. 
But outside forces are conspiring against them. 
When danger draws closer, and secrets are revealed, will their love survive?

Review: This book is a college romance like no other. Dakota is suffering from a loss that makes her whole world shift. Now she is at a college she didn't plan to be at, in a major she doesn't care about. She is basically just existing. That is until Shawn shows up and changes everything.

Shawn is a young rockstar who has grown up in the spotlight. He is finally trying to grow up and change how he has been living. Shawn is out of rehab and living a clean, groupie free life. That is until his new stalker breaks unto his house and he must go into hiding until they are caught. 

I enjoyed the connection that these two characters have. They are like magnets that keep getting pulled together, even when they fight it. How Dakota allows herself to show the emotions she been hiding is heartbreakingly good. Also, I love the close friendships that Dakota has with Elsa, Tabs & Daisy. This book has so many happy emotions, heart-wrenching scenes and some on edge, look over your shoulder bits.

This is such an incredible story of overcoming tragedy and showing its never to late to grow as a person.  I highly commended it. Also, if you've read Inseparable, you will see some familiar faces in this book.

Thank you Siobhan Davis for sending me this arc to read and honestly review!


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