Arc Review: Angry Annie


Title: Angry Annie

Author: Dawn L. Chiletz

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Publication Date: July 12, 2018

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Source: Dawn L. Chiletz/HappilyEverInsta

Rating: ★★★★★


Synopsis: Joslyn Walters has goals:
1. Infiltrate the life of the internet troll, Annie McClintonuck, who wrote a nasty review for her sister’s bakery before it even opened.
2. Write an article exposing Annie for a fraud, thereby catapulting Joslyn's stalled career from fact-checker to journalist.
3. Flirt with, but don’t fall for, said troll's hot, seemingly shy, incredibly edible next door neighbor, Rhode Bennett.
4. Try not to let one week change her life.
Not all trolls are cute and fuzzy but some lemons are gold in disguise. 

Review: Angry Annie is a funny, heartwarming book. It is about Joslyn, a fact checker who wants to be a reporter and the internet troll that writes a bad review about her sisters soon to be open bakery. Joslyn decides to track down the internet troll and expose them for the awful things they write online. When Joslyn finally meets the internet troll, Angry Annie, she discovers that there is more to a person than meets the eye.

I really enjoyed the rollercoaster ride that Joslyn and Annie go through. They are both so stubborn, set in the their ways and need to learn how to open up. Annie's personality cracks me up and I just want to her a hug... even though she would hate it. Rhode is so cute and is a genuine good guy to both Joslyn and Annie. Joslyn and Annie's character development as well as all the crazy situations they get into, will make you laugh out loud. If you love reading romcoms, then check this book out!


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